Inspiration for today

Recently every store I go I am maniacally looking for jackets. Firstly because a jacket makes a look more chic or more boyish - in difference what you match it with (lace up shoes, platforms, jeans, dress - all look good with black jacket). Secondly because I'm preparing my wardrobe for some warmer days. As my mania continue I bought two jackets: vintage Ralph Lauren which I found among thousands tons of clothes in used clothes store nearby my place (to which I'm going, like, every day to hunt something high quality by alomost free!) and OZOC - newly discovered by me japanese brand with which clothes I immediately fall in love. OZOC has clothes which are boyish but not too much, simple and classy. They have very nice jackets - black and very classy at first look but sewn with red material inside. Other people can't see it and that's a point. Because clothes are made for your joy of wearing them.

photos from wonderful JAK & JIL BLOG, Fashion Toast and other.

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