21&7 Half Life

I couldn't sleep last night. Today is 20th, August. I'm 21 and 7 months years old. So now I'm closer to 22 than to 21. I look like man these days. Too bad I'm not smoking. And recently I can't drink a lot as I used to, heavy drinker no more, my stomach is crumpling and my heart beats too fast that almost scares me. I drink too much on my own.
Today I have to go buy a birthday present for my sister. Planning to go to Seibu in Shibuya.
So I couldn't sleep last night. I've been thinking of my four months in Tokyo. They passed so quickly. Partying almost every weekend from the end of April.
Still dreaming about another escape. As somewhere I desire to be there is a gold treasure I need to find. As if there is someone awaiting me. Drinking coffee at 7 AM in the morning, alone in my kitchen, looking out of window, starting new day but not being sure where and how the beginning should have took place. I had never thought days like these will come. But I guess I predicted it somehow.

Pola Chérie

Half Life


  1. Come on....Chear up!!!!You can plan your future by thinking positive. And believe me, 22 is a heavenly age!!
    Kisses and hugs
    miss Margaret Cruzemark

  2. Girl, change is good, always. Just think about that.