I want to go farther (Creativity & Dreams)

What are your favourite words?
Mine are Creativity and Dreams. But to be honest I like them mixed together than exposed in two words.

Remember how I wrote about japanese PR girl? After watching documentary with her one particular sentense of her has been remaining all the time in my head.
She is succesful businesswoman, wife and founder of PR school. You would say: her dreams came true. No wonder that her friend ask her what are her wishes for the new year (they were filming in December/January). But she answered that she doesn't have dreams. She has only plans.

I was surprised to hear that. But after a while I have realized that this weird astonishment didn't come from me being impressed by her words. I felt there is something different about me. But she is a person who succeeded because of her Creativity. Giving nice ideas. Making images of comanies. And I admire her.

I couldn't find an answer for a long time.

Yesterday I was watching a documentary, this time, about Miyazaki Hayao. And there was a scene when he said when he starts drawing a new anime film his story is unfinished. He finds the ending during making it. And that was my answer.

The dreams are being made when your creativity is pushed over its limits. He said after he made "Princess Mononoke" he wanted to "go farther". Further into the mind. Into dreams. Into the imaginary world. Into creativity. His next film won an Oscar.

Why am I comparing these two people? They are from two differents proffesions. I compare them because they both are using their creativity to work.

One would say that creativity is watching your dreams and making them alive. Into movie, novel, drawing. But one would say that the dreams and creativity are two different things. Because once you have a great idea sometimes it just don't fit to be realized in life and you have to think of another option. And that is a point of good business.

I like Creativity and Dreams as one word. As one world where you can always go farther.

What is your favourite word?

~Pola Chérie Thoughts~

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  1. My favorite word is PLASTIC. We live in a plastic society. All we care is how we look, what we own.
    I organize art shows, art fairs for the plastic people and they don't even know what I'm talking about.