Thank You All for Your B'Day wishes!!

So I'm 21 years old now, huh. Childhood's years seem so long (I thought I will go to the same school endlessly) but then one day when you realize you are already an old man. In Europe you are formally an adult when you become 18 but in Japan when you turn 20. Funny thing is that in Poland and Japan they celebrate becoming and adult the same month - in January. In Poland when 'kids' became 18 every high school orginize a party called "Studniowka". Boys wear suits and girls wear long/short dresses. And they allowe you to drink alcohol in front of your teachers on that party (even if you're still 17). The party name also means that you have only 100 ("Sto") days to final exams, like they let you get drunk but the same time they are telling you that it's your last party before exams.

In Japan the new twenties wear kimono and have a party called "Seidzinshiki" ("Seidzin" - adult; "Shiki" - celebration). Fortunatetly this year I was in Japan in January so I could see how my friend celebrates their "becoming an adult". After a school's big celebration they separete to a smaller groups and move to restaurants or hotels or wherever and have a meal toghether (and get drunk I bet).
So different cultures and so similar ways to show who's next to own the world!
Photo above is taken by me. I had a small party at home with my close family. I also have booked a table in my favourite restaurant Camel Dining for Saturday's meeting with my friends (they have a best omelette I've ever eat). Since I hate cooking these Ritz crackers with Danish strawberry cheese with real strawberries was all I could serve. And I hadn't enough champagne glasses for all but who cares, Moet always tastes great.

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