How you consider yourself Is How you want to be

(images via fashioncopious.typepad; fashiongonerogue)

Are You a Woman or a Man. Boyish or Girlish. Hetero or Homosexual. Lately seems like every fashion editorial is asking us this question - how we consider ourselves. But there is no direct suggestion how you should answer. A little confusion. When certain things becomes not so certain.
Boyish women's trend will pass like others. But what am I? The question remains the same. I know how I want to be seen by others but how I want to see myself? Is it the same? Do people's image of me is exactly the same as mine of myself? And you are absolutely right to answer: I don't know.
How You consider yourself. How You see yourself. How You want to be. That's what matters. A Woman or a Man. Boyish or Girlish. Hetero or Homosexual. No one have a right to tell you who you are. Only You.

~Pola Chérie Thoughts~

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  1. REALLY cool images! Love your blog!

  2. great images! Fashion definitely suggests who and what we should be. I try to figure it out every day myself I don't their pressure haha.