I wasn't able to live in a world of anonymous crowds and empty laughs so I created my own


Photographed by Michael Donovan; Styled by Katie Burnett; Model: Jana Wirth

And I paint the same portraits every day. A portraits of people who were in my life but are gone. Who I loved most in my life but I coudn't keep by my side. Who I loved most in my life but were here just to kill their loneliness. Who I loved most in my life but I let them go away. Who I abandoned for my art. For my art to be free. To be alone. Because I wanted to be alone. Because then I don't have to worry that someone won't understand me. I'm not afraid of world because I live in my own.
But I'm still afraid of crowds.

~Pola Chérie Thoughts~

Pola Chérie Thoughts 2011 @ All rights reserved

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