A Snake in the Nest

I had a dream that there was a snake in the nest and while the mother was away he injected a poison into the chicks hearts. He disappeared but a mother knew what have happened to her children. And she knew she has to kill them so that the poison won't spread all over their bodies and become a danger to them and to the others life.

But they looked into her eyes and begged for her protection. They were too small to understand that the poison have changed their hearts for ever.
The poison made them able to feel the happiness hundred times stronger than normal creatures but also they felt a pain and the hate hundred times stronger than others. If the hate wins in their hearts and take a control of them, nobody knew what could they do.
Mother looked at them for the last time and she flew away in sorrowful silence.
And I woke up in the empty room. Feeling the pain which is never passing.

~Pola Chérie Thoughts~

Pola Chérie Thoughts 2011 @ All rights reserved

Style Stalker’s “The Beautiful and The Damned” Double PlayExhibition Magazine


  1. Gorgeous pics!!

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  2. Great collection of photos thank you for sharing. That as some dream. It's quite sad.


  3. I LOVE your taste in photography! I'm totally stealing some of these for my inspiration folder.