11th March 2011, Japan; Statement

It was only two weeks since I wrote about a girl missing after the earthquake in New Zealand when it happened. I thought it is now my time to die.

Recently my emotions become very stable. I had been working as always, I was happy to announce a release day of my artwork, I felt very peaceful and I was calm about tomorrow in the morning. In the morning of 11th of March.

As in deep shock I am now I thought I should take some break from blogging. Is there a meaning in writing when I can't save anyone by it? Isn't it wrong to me to safely sit in my room and write when people are missing, when people are losing their lives near me?

I am a very quiet person, I'm not talkative. I don't like to talk. Only thing I love is the conversation. I think I was prepared to write only to my drawer whole my life. And yesterday I lost a meaning and wanted to delate everything. But then something reminds me of promise I made myself few years ago. I promised myself To React. To Stand up. To Speak out. Whenever I feel I have to. I promised myself I won't watch in silence when something is wrong. When something bad happens. As I think being a writer is not a job but a mission to be devoted to other people, I felt thats my duty.

Someone would say: the earthquake. Again. Another disaster. Another misfortune. Another people lost their lives.

But what I felt in the moment of the earthquake is that We, Each of us, You and I have A Time To Die only once.

If that one moment came to thousands of people, how tragic this disaster is. How many people are crying. How many people needs help.

Silent days are coming to me.

I will be less active for few days as a blogger, I'm sorry.

Pola Chérie


  1. I am so sorry for what happened. You can imagine I saw it on TV. I wish you all the best and know that I was and still am thinking of you and I hope that you and your loved one are ok. A bug hug.

  2. Hey, girl! I feel the same. It was heartbreaking to watch the news... its a shock to all of us! But you know what? I realised silence is no help to Japan. All we need is to unite and help people who suffered from this disaster! Here is the link to a full blog post http://crashingred.com/blog/japan-we-are-here-to-help/
    Hope you feel better soon!
    Marusya V