Don't Give Up

Go where your life wants you to be

where your heart finds it's place

where your pain hears it's lullaby

where your eyes can see the sunrise

Even if you are alone

Even if you feel like

your existence is just a number

counted dead or alive

Don't tell me so

You have to live

I want you to live

Don't give up

I beg you


for me

for the people who are waiting for you in the future

for the people who needs you to stand up for them

for the children who needs a protection

for the lonely chick which fell out from the nest


There is a Future

Don't give up


~Pola Chérie Don't Give Up (Pola for Japan)~

Pola Chérie Thoughts 2011 @ All rights reserved

Shades of Summer by Alex Freund, Models: Bekah Jenkins & Vanessa Milde; QVEST #44, Model: Merethe Hopland, Photographed by Jacob Sadrak, Styled by Cristian Temi; Vogue Paris December/January 2007.2008, Model: Isabeli Fontana, Photographed by Mario Sorrenti; Vogue Germany April 2011, Model: Britt Maren, Photographed by Claudia Knoepfel & Stefan Indlekofer, Styled by Nicola Knels; C: fashiongonerogue.com, fashioncopious.typepad.com


  1. This words touching my heart! It is a hard time for all people in japan. I feel so sorry...
    Take care of you and your family
    ♥ milla

  2. I know you are strong person, right now you are the strongest of them all.
    I think of you.

  3. Much love and good energy to you! You have such a beautiful way with words, I've told you that before! DONT GIVE UP!