Fifth day after the Tragedy

I went to the park

for a walk.

They turned off all the lights in the city at ten o'clock. Sheduled blackout. But still makes me feel uncomfortable. They said sheduled blackouts can last for one month. Just like the aftershocks.

I was lucky. To be in the hometown of my mother, in one of the least damaged places in Japan. In the city where I was born. In the city which I left. To live 17 years abroad. To which I have returned
last November.

No water, no milk, no rice, no bread on the shelves of the shops if you don't hurry up in the morning. Lack of the petrol on the petrol stations too. But we are living. I don't remember what I have been doing for last five days. I went for a walk. All the shops and restaurants were closed. Many people were cleaning their houses.

Fifth day. I don't feel anything. Tired of watching the news. Not knowing why I am living. Usually empty park was full of children. Are the schools closed too?

Children laughting and playing happily.
Unaware of
people who are missing
people who lost their houses
people who lost their loved ones
people who are gone
and people who have to live
not knowing why.

Fifth day after the Tragedy

I went to the park

for a walk

In the city where

I was born

to live.

Pola Chérie

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  1. I want you to know that I'm thinking of you all time.

  2. loved your comment on my blog... it showed me there are people out there that see fashion in a more abstract way.
    A more unique one! love your blog keep in touch