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How far you can go to meet yourself?

How many things you are able to abandon to follow your heart?

How heavy is luggage you are carrying?

How many houses you called a home?

How many times you thought you will not survive and wanted to turn back in a half way?

How many scars your smile is hiding?

How many years are you living in your safety vest?

Maybe you can find answers to my every question. Mayby you know yourself so well. Maybe you think you are better than me. But don't ask me if I know where I am heading to.

I am raising my hand and trying to touch something shining above me . But you can't see it.

Because I Am Dreaming Of Another World.

~Pola Chérie Letters~

Dreaming of Another World Vogue Italia March 2011, Model: Guinevere van Seenus, Photographed by: Tim Walker, Styled by: Jacob K.; Patachou Fall 2011 Campaign, Model: Sophia Lie, Photographed by Gustavo Marx, Styled by Erika Frade; Flair March 2011, Model: Sophie Vlaming, Photographed by Jean-François Campos, Styled by Vittoria Cerciello


  1. is exiting to see a unique blog such as this!! love how I can see the art involved in it!

  2. I can go all the way to the moon and and back; because I owe it to myself.
    I abandoned my best-friend; but if I could do that it means she wasn't my bf.
    Just me and my laptop; so really easy.
    I had 14 homes.
    Every single time.
    340 scars
    Safety vest - never; I'm scared all the time.
    And I'm know I'm small, and scared but I keep on trying :)