To eat, or not to eat: that is NOT the question

When I first saw editorial titled "Ladies Who Lunch" from Interview April 2011 (first image), lensed by Robbie Fimmanoin, in which you can see ladies but you don't see any lunch, I thought it is funny. But then I realize I could laugh at it because I am grown up from my teenage complexes and I am confident of my body and my appearance. I start wondering but what about younger girls who are watching this photographs and maybe blogging about this? What do they think watching stunning ladies in beautiful clothes having an expensive designers bags on the tables instead of food?
I fully agree it is an artistic vison of a people from fashion industry and you can't ban this because it can have a bad influence on teenagers. You never know what exactly made a girl start starving herself. And also, there will be always people who say skinny is the only beauty.
So the question stays the same: To eat or not to eat.
The only reasonable answer for me is: to eat and exercise! It doesn't matter if you lose your weight or not. Workouts makes you feel happier and healthier. And if you want to lose few pounds just quit eating sweets and continue excercises.

If you think you would be happier being thinner then you can't say you are too lazy to work to be happier, can you?

Remember being healthy is the most beautiful thing!

What do you think of the editorial of ladies who lunch without a lunch?

Pola Chérie

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  1. Beautiful pictures yet again, love the first one. I eat AND excercise:-)

  2. amazing pics but they further add to this monster called fashion, sadly we are the ones who feed it

    Lydz xX

  3. It's so hard to know what to say. I HATE when girls start to starve themselves. And because of the fashion industry we don't have the power that we need to help these girls.

  4. LOVE ANJAAAAA!! awesome picture starring her! :D