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I just saw Lea T's Models.com interview by Wayne Sterling and I have to be honest - I'm shocked. I wasn't planning to write about transsexual people in fashion industry because for me it is a normal and obvious thing and it is not at all a topic to discuss about. And I'm not going to write about her just to show whether I support her or not because for me she is just a one of the models who are spoken a lot about recently. If you are lucky to be given a model's body (good proportions, long legs etc) and you have an intriguing face and talent and you want to became a model - go for it. You will succeed. Fashion is not a place for narrow-minded people. It is a world which has been for all these ages created by people who truly believe in your success.

The reason why I decided to write about this is that I was deeply touched by her words in the interview. Here is also what Lea T told The Guardian:

"We transsexuals are born and grow up alone. After the operation we are born again, but once again alone. And we die alone. It is the price we pay.”

I would never expect her to say so. Of course I hadn't been thinking that it is easy to live the life as a transsexual but I can't believe the intolerance of the people is that big.
To be tolerant for me means everything. Because I was born as mixed race person whole my life I have been listening to a discussions of people: whether the races should mix or not. And many ask me what is my opinion. What should I say. If I say no I wouldn't be able to exist.
It's obvious that races mixes, you'd probably say. Well, for many people still it is not so obvious.
Whether transsexual people should be in fashion industry- many people are asking - but the truth is the same as about races- it is not a topic to discuss about. The fact is that they are.
There is nothing to be sad about. Be tolerant and understanding. That's the message.
Here is a link to the interview:
And yes, I like Lea T very much. She's stunning.

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  1. I love that you addressed this the way you did. Very well said. If I were to add anything it would that being non-judgmental goes hand in hand with tolerance.