Going to Japan with your pet - how does it really look

I have my dog since September 2009. Firstly I was thinking about buying a Pomeranian but because I am multiracial I decided that having a mixed-raced dog would be the best. I found a sweet puppies on the Internet and the owner told me that they are half pekingese and half yorkshire terrier. Later, when he grew up I'd realised that he's father wasn't at all a york but a dachshund. But who does reclamation of puppie you are already madly in love with? I don't. I named him Muffin after chocolate muffins from Coffee Heaven which always makes me happy. When I decided to continue my study in Tokyo it was obvious that I want to take Muffin with me.

However when I called the japanese embassy to ask them what do I need to do so it turned out that it is not so easy.

The main problem was that they require 180 days of quarantine in your country during which you need to do a blood test several times to check if there is a rabies. And they will accept the results only from the clinic they've chosen in your country. Otherwise as soon as a dog lands in japanese airport they will take it from you and put a pet in their quarantine center. Then you would be forced to pay 30 dolars per day (multiply 180 days).

Because of the fact that in Japan there is no rabies since early 70'ties I fully understand that but I'm so sad that I have to leave him behind. He will be in good hands though.

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