Travel in style 1: pouches

Selected by Pola Cherie

When I travel I try to put jewellery, cosmetics and other small things in various pouches so that after arriving I can easly find what I need without bowling my suitcases over and making a mess around.
The best way to carry a ring is to take its box with you but when you are taking a plenty of them it's better to put them in a jewellery case like above.
When you are taking a number of necklaces or bracelets it's better to carry them each separatly in a velvet or cashmere's pouches.
Cosmetics are the easiest to pack - but remember to check if you screw properly all the caps. But the fact is after a few months of using a pouch for cosmetics it becoms dirty inside. Or maybe it's only me who lets my lipstick colour my pouch ^^??

from the left corner: Dooney & Bourke; Coach's Amanda Satin Large Cosmetic Case; Anna Sui's Jewel box; ACNE Grey Fur Switzerland Pouch; Juicy Couture Neon Heritage Nylon Flat Cosmetic Pouch; Tiffany Velvet Pouch, Large

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