A lazy sunday's late afternoon


I'm in Japan at my mother's house since last November. I've passed entrance exams, found an apartment in Tokyo and now I'm only waiting till April to move there.

Waiting till April I'm having the best time of my life. Full of hopes, passion and dreams. And first time in my adult life I can spend a time with my mother. Precious time. I moved out from my parents house when I was sixteen. Soon after my mother moved back to Japan. Five years later seems like this few months were given to us to spend this lazy sunday's late afternoons toghether. Having a tea. Talking about future and past.

And while we talk first signs of spring are delighting softly my heart. And I feel a happiness. And a gratitude. And a time is passing slowly.

I am going to take these vintage tea cups with me when I will be moving to Tokyo. And I will keep my precious time of happiness deep in my heart. Believing that someone, someday will find them and feel the same way I did.

~Pola Chérie Thoughts~


  1. I enjoy lazy afternoons so much... I wish sometimes, that all we have are lazy afternoons.

  2. oh my, those teacups and saucers are dreamy.


  3. woohoo.. nice find.. the teacups are great!