Love OR Ambitions

Love or Ambitions. Surprisingly it is not a title of my post.

It is a title of the post of a japanese girl I've never knew. A girl who is missing after the earthquake in New Zealand.

I bet you heard about this on the news. I was watching tv yesterday hoping that not only twenty eight japanese people missing were found but they have saved many more lives of other missing people.

Love and Ambitions. Is it possible to have it both? Being in a good relationship and the same time working hard for your own success. I guess yes. But what if not?

What if your dream is to go abroad and work there? What if you don't know how your partner will react? And finally what if you don't want him/her to go with you? Because it is your dream. Because you were independent in your dream. And you don't want to feel tied in the place where you were seeking for freedom.

To go abroad and work abroad. That was a dream of that girl. She gave up her love life to focus on her dreams. And she made it. Her years and years of studying english finally enabled her to work in a hospital in New Zealand. And she was about to pass an english skills exams in May.

Many of you would tell that there are many couples who are not living in the same city and are ok. But you can't take a responsibility of partner's life. Change all his or hers plans. Make him/her have to miss the person they love because of your own "selfish" ambitions.

I know something about missing. My parents are from two different countries: Japan and Poland. My fathers father passed away in Poland when my father was in Japan. And then my mother left us in Poland, when I was 18 and needed her most, to look after her mother in Japan.

One thing I know now is that I don't want to be missing my partner. I want him/her to be with me. To sleep on her/his shoulder every single night. To wake up feeling a touch, a smell, a voice - a love. So I guess till my ambitions to succeed are strong I think I won't be able to be happy with someone. Because I don't know where I will be tomorrow. The next day. And where I finally settle down.

My today's post's title is - Know what you are truly desiring. And go for it. Whatever people say You will succeed.

I think She succeeded.

~Pola Chérie Thoughts~

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  1. adore these editorials xo http://thehouseofscarlet.blogspot.com/

  2. One wouldn't want ask your partner for that kind of sacrifice, but one should.. because you'll never know...