The Valentine's Day in Japan


One week left till The Valentine's Day. Have you already decided which chocolate are you buying? And most importantly for whom?

In Japan for a long time there was a tradition that in Valentine's Day a women give a chocolate to a men. And men give back in another day (in White Day-14th of March). Nowadays it changes and not only you can see men buying chocolates in this special day for their loves but also girls buy for their friends - tomo choco (tomodachi-friend), for family or for themselves - jibun choco (jibun - myself). What surprised me most is that it is in a good manner to give a chocolate to your work-mates (very japanese huh). It is also very popular to make a chocolate by yourself.

Since none of my exbfs really wanted to celebrate a Valentine's Day I like that tomo-choco and jibun-choco idea very much. There should be more days like this when you show the people you care about that you love them, no matter if it's your partner, friend or relative. I think this year I'm going to buy a one huge chocolate box and give it to my mom so we can eat it all by ourselves.

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