The Next Summer

Where will you be this summer? Do you have plans yet?

I want to go to the seaside so badly.

I grew up in the same city as Pope John Paul II. In the small city surrounded by beautiful mountains. When I was a child and the summer comes my father used to take me for hiking. But I had been always looking forward till my parents take me to the seaside.

When you are a child time seems to be passing so slowly. I remember how I couldn't wait for the next summer. And the winter in my city was always so snowy, so cold and so long. And I remember the white mountains. How I was watching white mountains from my living-room's window after the first snow and couldn't believe that the warm days really ended. Looking at them, sitting in front of a fireplace I was thinking of a sea. Of a smell and the sounds of the sea. And I couldn't wait for the next summer.

I love the sea more than the mountains.

How about you? Do you like the sea or the mountains more?


  1. the sea without a doubt, there is nothing like being on an empty beach and watching the sun rise. I love a drive through a beautiful mountain range too though

    Beautiful blog

    Lydz xX

  2. Hi, thanks for your message on IFB. You have a lovely blog.

    Personally I prefer to be on a mountain overlooking the sea. I come from Hong Kong where it's hilly but also surrounded by the sea, so the sea view is quite breathtaking at the mountain peak. But if I have to choose one I think the seaside is better.


  3. In Romania, I love the mountains only because the seaside sucks here. I love the beaches from Barcelona.

  4. Love these images- you have a great eye for editorials- love it xo