No need to be Bad

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I have a principle in my life:

When praised do not be conceited.
When spoken ill do not be depressed.

Because people say whatever they want to. Because there are people who are able to be saying how much they love you and admire you but when you walk away be making fun of you and talking false things.

I appreciate every kind word people tell me. But I don't use that happiness to glory. I put a happiness people give me deep in a drawer in my heart. And I save my happiness for harder times so that whenever I feel weak I can look inside and carry on.

Gratitute becomes a power to work harder. To do more. To give back people. Because whatever you give to world it will turn back to you.

I used to be too easly influenced by bad words someone tells me. Too easly be hurt. I was leaving in silence. And there is an illness that won't be ever healed but thats why I decided to stop pretending that I have nothing to say. And now I'm trying to stay away from the falsity as much as I can.
Whatever people say stay stable. Stay true. Stay you. But any word, bad or good, remember to think for what you had to hear it. Draw a conclusion. And go forward.
And even if you made a thousands of mistakes, there is no need to be a bad person.

~Pola Chérie Thoughts~

Muse Winter 2010, Model: Edita Vilkeviciute, Photographed by: Lachlan Bailey, Styled by: Alastair McKimm; Glam Slam V70, Photographed by: Mario Testino, Styled by: Andrew Richardson

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  1. I used to be a really strong person, but shit happened and I lost my confidence. And now, for a while now I'm trying to find my self and I feel so good.