What If The Truth Is You Have Never Existed

(image via fashiongonerogue)

Imagine that God is a writer. He knows exactly what kind of novel he wants to write. As a preparation process he thinks of each heroe. He thinks of their lives. Where they should be born, what they should experience to become who they are, who and in which timing heroes should meet each other so that story can go on like a creator wants to.

A writer when starts writing a novel have an image of a whole story, of the beginning and of the end. But while writing heroes starts to live their own lives, he discovers other faces of his own creatures and he sometimes gets surprised by decisions they made.

If God is a writer we only exist in his mind. But what we do in our life can force him to abandon us from his story.

That's what I think. The small earthquake surprised me while writing this. Great timing.

~Pola Chérie Thoughts~

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  1. WOW, that is deep!
    i'd like to think that all creative people are writers in someway,they create fascinating characters that capture people's imagination!
    love the pictures!they have a black swan-esque quality to them!!


  2. I love the second and fourth picture.Very surreal..I find your thoughts to be very inspiring.It's always good to think outside the box.


  3. OMG! Earthquake... I experienced two earthquakes in my life and I was really scared; I hope you are ok.
    From times to times God has a horrible sense of humor and I don't like it all the time.