Carry me home

 I was so close when I let you go
I feel so sorry
Couldn't be with you
in my life
Blind desires wanting more
Something pushing me to perform my duties
To live my role in this crazy world

I was so close when I saw you leaving
And I let it go
But I want to be believing
in my life
It was worth it
No matter what will happen
Carry me home
When I die

~Pola Chérie Immortal Longing~

Pola Chérie Poems 2011 @ All rights reserved

Inspired by "Stay" by Hurts and editorials:
Backyard Love TheOnes2Watch, M: Saara & Teresa (Brand), P: Ville Varumo, S: Sakke Hytönen, H&M: Marii Sadrak; "Home Alone" A Schön! Magazine (April 2011) / Mastori*Motwary Studio SS2011 collaboration, M: Quinta Witzel, P: Thanassis Krikis; Fashion Editor: Nicholas Georgiou; Numéro #122 M: Nimue Smit, P: Sebastian Kim, Fashion Editor: Charles Varenne ; Flair Italy April 2011 Viaggio A Xitang | Travel Xitang, M: Du Juan, P: Wing Shya, S: Kanako B. Koga; C: fashioncopious.typepad.com, fashiongonerogue.com


  1. perfect, perfect, perfect. The pics together with the words!!! Im always a fan of what you do and thank you :) xx

    Lydz xX

  2. Just.. wow! Incredible photos!!)

  3. Amazing, but you are such an strong person, you don't need any body to carry you, not even home. You need and I hope you HAVE somebody with whom to walk home. Hand in hand.

  4. again, I'm amazed! but as Tereza said, you're an incredible strong person & you don't need anyone to carry you ;)

  5. The second and last picture are incredible.. very very amazing.. so good work done!

    Have a wonderful weekend!



  6. The pictures go beautifully with your words. You are amazingly talented. xoxo

  7. WOW...beautiful layout..love it.