I see you

  my dream my love will I find you there?

if I climb up this stairs will you be there?

or the only destination will be to fall?

Do not know if you hear my voice

But do not need any hint

because I see you

and that keeps me going

~Pola Chérie I see you~

Pola Chérie Thoughts 2011 @ All rights reserved

L’Officiel Ukraine April 2011, M: Madé Van Krimpen, P: Ludovic Andral, S: Ornella Jong; Marie Claire Turkey January 2011, M: Kira Mazura, P: Ayten Alpun, S: Hakan Öztürk, Hair: Ferit Belli, Makeup: Gulum Erzincan; Flair, December 2010 ‘Party’, M: Barbora Dvorakova, Kel Markey, Jennifer Messelier, P: Bruno Dayan, S: Barbara Baumel; Dealer de luxe ‘Leap of Faith’, M: Anna S, P: Waldemar and Max, S: Kawa h Pour, Make up: Hanna-Cecilia Åslund, Hair: Sophia Ringberger; Mirage #1 ‘Here Comes the Waves’, M: Amyline Valade (Women, Paris), P: Henrik Purienne, S: Karen Wieffering, H&M: Werner; C: www.fashiongonerogue.com,www.thephotographylink.com


  1. I love the first picture with the red, long dress.

  2. reddddddddddddddddddddddd, that picture got me and it works perfectly with the words. x

    Lydz xX

  3. I don't know if I ever told you how much I love the photo that you select for your posts: I LOVE IT!
    And your poem is so beautiful.

  4. The last picture is so sensual yet sad, I love it!