Kimono in Church (Dirk Wiedlein Photography)

Do you believe in little miracles in our lives? I do.
I am strongly believing in God. But my faith had its ups and downs. My mother is an atheist and there were a times and years when I haven't been attending to the church at all. I don't know why, I felt betrayed, I guess there were too many things I couldn't understand.
This weekend was very busy for me. I finally moved to my new place to start a single life in Tokyo. Seventh move in my life. But the most exciting one without a doubt.
I am on the tenth floor and I see the skyscrapers of Shinjuku from my window when I am sitting at my desk working. When good things happens in my life I always feel insecure. So many things people want to think we own. And when we forget the truth that nothing belongs to us for ever it becomes harder to see whats really matters in our lives.
Today was a sunny day. Windy a little but the sun was warmly welcoming the walkers. I went to the nearest church which I checked out before moving to Tokyo. I went there. And when I entered the patio I saw a woman in hurry wearing the kimono. I was deeply touched. Kimono in church. How far You came. I told to Him. I found You here. So far away from my home.
Fifth month in Japan.
The architecture of this church is breathtaking. Concrete, bare, almost dilapidated, you could say, walls. And one shape looking like the whale's tail emerging from the sea from which the big, heavy crucifix hangs on the strong chains.
I wanted to share this beatiful view with you so badly. But I thought I will find only some amateur's photos on the Internet. So I wrote only three words into google: "church fashion editorials".
Do you see the last picture?
Dirk Wiedlen Photography.
The church I went to today.
A little miracles in our lives.

Pola Chérie


  1. I'm not going to talk about god...
    Sounds like your place is pretty amazing.

  2. I believe in God and miracles, beautiful pictures

    Lydz xX