Put me back with you

The cruelest reality brought me down on earth:
I'm in love with you
Please put me back in my dreams
Don't let me fade in the reality
Lets live this dream together
I'm in love with you

~Pola Chérie Put me back with you~

Pola Chérie Thoughts 2011 @ All rights reserved

Series: Dream & Reality, M: Ekaterina Mihailova, P: Ekaterina Melnikova, Hair, Make up, S: Jane; Standard 24, July 2009, M: Andy Gilet, Elodie Navarre, and Zara Prassinot, Directed: David Herman, P: Cyrille Weiner, Make-up & hair: Fabrice Pinet, S: Jean-Marc Rabemila, Post: Marco Giani; Film made as part of an art installation titled "Music Box". The installation was commissioned by Hong Kong Land, and created by Holly Suan Gray, and appeared The Landmark mall, Hong Kong, in May 2009, Director & Stylist - Holly Suan Gray, DOP - Wade Muller, Ass. Dir./Editor - Lindsay Robertson; Magazine: 160g February 2010 ‘A Good Girl Came From Outer Space’, P: Billy Kidd, S: Rich Aybar; Client: Theones2watch, M: Kristy Kaurova, P: Billy Kidd; Personal Work, M: Autumn, P: Shalan & Paul; ‘Ingenuous’, M: Autumn Kendrick, P: Robert Gaudette; Vogue Germany August 2009 ‘Femme Fatale’, M: Catherine McNeil, P: Patrick Demarchelier; Dansk, M: Heather Marks, P: Hasse Nielsen; images via http://www.thephotographylink.com


  1. the pictures make the story so heart breaking, even the one of the lonely chair, beautiful

    Lydz xX

  2. Amazing photos, so beautiful and inspirational.

    XO Charlotte

  3. Love is beautiful, love is a dream but sometimes is a nightmare.
    I hope your's is a perfect.