Travel in style 2: simple, comfortable & chic

Selected by Pola Cherie

Going from Europe to Asia by plane takes more or less ten hours. From Europe to Australia I bet more. First thing you consider about clothes you're going to wear during such a long journey is that they must be comfortable. The next same important thing is that they must be simple to wear to not worry about how it will look after you arrive (wrinkled, bent to wrong way etc).
Tomorrow I have a flight from Munich to Tokyo (eleven hours in a plane make me sick just by thinking about it) and I am going to wear some Uni Qlo's leggins which look like a jeans but are a way more comfortable, oversized my boyfriend's cardigan, big fur scarf which I can use also as a blanket - because I'm always freezing during a flight. It's good to take some ballerina, flat shoes to change to them inside.

from the left corner: Seamed Tencel Rib Tee by Alexander Wang; Marc by Marc Jacobs Cheeky shearling scarf; Uni Qlo's Easy Denim Leggings Trousers; Fred Perry sweater cardigan - Carbon Blue; KORS Michael Kors Olympia

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